Hey, who wrote this!?

In 1995, this mystery person penned a Weekly Standard column entitled “Why Newt Must Run” for President.

It was filled with gems like:

“Gingrich is right about the moral crisis the country is facing… There is a moral imperative for him to fill the leadership vacuum and address the growing devastation.”

“There is a moral imperative not only to demonstrate how rotten and full of holes is the celebrated government safety net…”

“Gingrich may be a lightning rod, but he embodies the (Republican) Revolution like no one else… He burns with conviction that America can and will be a better place because of it.”

Remember how “devastating” the Clinton years were? Yeah, most people don’t. When this writer’s dreams of a Newt Presidency were crushed, he/she went on to create resignation.com, a site built solely to gather support to get the President of the United States to resign over the Lewinsky nontroversy. Again… failure. Do you know who it is yet? Some more hints…

This person has tried their hand at acting, appearing on Roseanne and in EdTV.

This person has written an astoundingly forgettable 13 books.

This person ran for Governor of California in the circus recall of 2003.

This person had a failed Los Angeles radio show.

This person, in a 1998 New Yorker article, was called a “guilty pleasure” for Hollywood pals that “should’ve known better.”

This person, in a career rut, saw the success of news aggregation on the right as well as the online dearth on the left and probably got to thinking…

This person, more than halfway through their life, had an ideological conversion.

She built a liberal news aggregator website and called on those old Hollywood chums to write blogs for it so it would gain attention and clicks.

Though still chief editor, she sold the site to AOL in 2010 for $310, 000, 000.

On April 7, 2013, her site posted a graphic photo of children killed in a NATO mission gone tragically awry. Next to the photo? A big advertisement for a national tea company…

She is not my favorite person.

Final hint: After all these years, she is still making a buck off of attacking Democratic Presidents. Now it’s just from the “left.”

Who is it?


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